Nora Benefits

  • A One Call Solution
  • Nationwide Air Transportation
  • Nationwide Ground Transportation.
  • Quick and Easy Request Process.
  • Centralized Dispatch and Coordination
  • Coordinators on duty 24/7/365
  • Close monitoring of Aircraft and Vehicles
  • Highly Experienced Management and Staff.

Welcome to NORA,  the Nationwide Organ Recovery Transport Alliance

Our Objective: To form a company that will reliably deliver both Air and Ground Transportation to the organ recovery community on a nationwide basis, with a single call.

The Co-Founders of NORA, Cole Bachelder and Donald Jones, identified the need for a centralized communication and transportation coordination point on which the Organ Recovery Community could rely. Saving the Organ Recovery Coordinator’s valuable and limited time is at the core of the NORA philosophy and business model.

The formation of NORA combines the skills and talents of its founders within a single company. Ground Transportation, Air Transportation and most importantly, competent and highly reliable coordination of the two.  The centralized communication point is specifically designed to deliver efficiency, accuracy and close monitoring of each and every case.

The Co-Founders have a combined 65 years of aviation, ground transport, and dispatch/coordination experience. Each of the founders has worked extensively and closely with the Organ Procurement community throughout their careers. Additionally, each has built highly successful, stable and financially responsible businesses prior to the formation of NORA.